"Recognising the need is the primary condition for design"

Charles Eames


Studio Ice-Cream is a fresh Interior Architecture and Design Agency, based in Athens, Greece. 


The agency was founded by Myrto Leotsakou, Interior Architect herself,

after returning from Paris, on 2019. 

We specialise on Hospitality, Commercial and Residential Design Projects. 

Our experience allows us to follow up a project from conception to realisation. 


Priority in our Design is to focus in the wellness and comfort of the user in a natural and original way, emphasising in the power of all senses (appropriate use of materials for the right sensation, etc.).




Urban Suites Project


10 luxurious suites in Athens

In a 4 floors building, located at Alimos, just in front of the sea, 10 high end unique suites were designed and realised from scratch within a year. All the materials and furnishing used in the project were carefully chosen during the design process, according to the aesthetic result we wanted to achieve and the given budget. The suites are now available for touristic use.

Project designed in cooperation with 2 more Interior Architects*, and took one year to be designed and realised. 


Photo credits: Giorgos Sfakianakis

Client: Urban Villas

Cooperation with Interior Architects*: Daphne Kala (studio improvise) & Ino Kouladourou

Lemonanthos Project

Urban Suites


A traditional restaurant in Athens

In an old traditional building, located at Ano Petralona, in Athens, the owners of the restaurant wanted to remake the interior so that the character of their menu and the quality of their services would be better depicted through the space. The new elements added to the space were designed to be made by warm natural materials which would make the space look more warm, traditional and welcoming. The false kitchen added, apart from the extra storage that has created, helps to give emphasis in the preparation of the food that the chef takes care to do for almost everything that is served.

Photo credits: Aggelos Poulos

Client: Lemonanthos

Athenian House Project


Partial renovation of a neoclassical house in Athens

In this old Neoclassical Style house, located at an old Athenian neighbourhood, the new tenant of the ground floor wanted to have his study and bedroom designed, as well as adding some custom furniture (closet and chest of drawers) in order to create some extra storage. For the study, the goal was to help him express his creativity while using the space, in order to feel more comfortable at this new environment. The custom wallpaper applied is combined with a bespoke modular structure with sliding panels, that are used as surfaces to pin his sketches and pictures during the brainstorming phase of his projects.

Photo credits: Personal files

Client: Private


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