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B1 Suite ¦ Urban Suites Project

B1 Suite is an one-room luxurious suite designed for touristic use. In terms of Design, the highlights of this apartment is the dégradé effect which is created by the different blue hues of the closet and Kitchen cabinetry, in combination with the walls and bespoke furniture made for the bedroom area, as well as the custom wall cladding behind the bed, made by lacquered blue slats and a bespoke headboard and mirror. The bedroom area is made within a recess of the space, in order to create a sense of privacy which is quite important in an open space.

The suite despite its small surface, is fully functional, equipped with a kitchen and bathroom. In front of the bed there is a bathtub with massage jets, with a generous vue to the sea. The floor of the suite is a custom made light grey terrazzo with some blue details. A custom terrazzo was used also for the kitchen. All of the furnishing is especially made for the project. 

The Urban Suites project is the result of the cooperation of Studio Ice-Cream and two more Interior Architects *, and it took one year to be designed and realised. 


Location: Athens, Greece

Photo credits: Giorgos Sfakianakis

Client: Urban Villas

Cooperation with Interior Architects*: Daphne Kala (studio improvise) & Ino Kouladourou