A2 Suite ¦ Urban Suites Project

A2 Suite is an open space luxurious suite designed for touristic use. In the bedroom area there is an uplifted surface providing a bathtub with a generous view to the sea. A big part of the walls is covered with oak panels and slats. Mirrors are used to cover some walls in order to extend the view towards the sea. The suite is fully functional, equipped with a kitchen and a spacious bathroom. The floor of the suite is a custom made light grey terrazzo with some blue details. All of the furnishing is especially made for the project. 

The Urban Suites project is the result of the cooperation of Studio Ice-Cream and two more Interior Architects *, and it took one year to be designed and realised. 


Location: Athens, Greece

Photo credits: Giorgos Sfakianakis

Client: Urban Villas

Cooperation with Interior Architects*: Daphne Kala (studio improvise) & Ino Kouladourou